Monday, March 17, 2008

In Pictures: The West Bank

It all feels rather sick; at the beginning of the week we were crisping ourselves in the salt of the Dead Sea and hitchhiking with spliff-passing, beer-drinking Jordanian rich boys. Now we’re reclining in sleek Tel Aviv bars and cafes, sipping coffee and reading papers; the scary thing is how easy it is for the injustices and oppression we saw in the West Bank to slip the mind once you re-enter a comfort zone. For what it’s worth, here are a few images taken over the last few days – together with the ‘Palestine Burning’ post below, they offer a unsatisfactory, but possibly interesting insight into life in occupied Palestine.

Farmer protesting at Deir Al Ghusun

Checkpoint north of Nablus

Martyrs' posters, Balata refugee camp

Children playing in the main road, Balata

PFLP martyr's home, Balata

Typical alleyway, Balata - some residents complain of skin conditions resulting from lack of access to natural sunlight

IDF soldiers take up position at a protest, Bi'lin

Palestinian protester, Bi'lin

An IDF soldier loses patience at a small-scale checkpoint demonstration near Nablus

Young children hold up pictures of family members imprisoned in Israel, Nablus

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